The Novak Guide to the

New Process 207 Transfer Case

np207_transfer_caseThis part time transfer case is found in 1984-1987 XJ's and the 1987 YJ. The NP207 was the transfer case in Jeep referred to as the Command Trac option.


Featuring chain-driven, planetary reduction in an aluminum case, the 207 has a 2.60-to-1 low range and direct in high. New for Jeeps in 1984, the 207 transfer case had the front output yoke positioned on the driver's side. The NP207 featured a spur cut planetary gearset, which is somewhat noiser in low-range, but generally strong and efficient, without a great propensity for excessive wear.


The NP 207 is easily identified by the numbering in its red and silver tag on the back. This transfer case is a fairly strong unit. Its replacement was the NP231. The 207 can be mated to some upgrade transmissions, but it can take some custom machine work to do so. We recomend you call and discuss your swap with us in these scenarios.

Transmission Compatibility & Adaptability

The Jeep 207 is found behind these factory transmissions:



  • TF904 (909) / 30RH, 1984-1987

Adaptation to better transmissions is often less costly than rebuilding the weaker Jeep gearboxes and provides serious performance and strength upgrades. The 207 adapts very well to several popular transmissions, including:


Adapting the 207 to the SM-420 transmission Adapting the 207 to the SM-465 transmission Adapting the 207 to the T-18 transmission Adapting the 207 to the NP-435 transmission
SM420 SM465 T18 NP435


Adapting the 207 to the TH-350 transmission Adapting the 207 to the TH-400 transmission Adapting the 207 to the 700R-4 transmission Adapting the 207 to the 4L60-E transmission
TH350 TH400 TH700R4 / Early 4L60-E Later 4L60-E

207 Shifter Assembly

207s have a variety of factory shifter mechanisms. Essentially all of them are clunky and problematic "Z-gate" shifters. Their convoluted linkage systems can be entirely replaced with Novak kit #SK2X, our smooth shifting, universal shifter. This shifter assembly also simplifies the upgrade to the above transmissions.

Rebuilding the 207

The 207 is possibly one of the simplest of all the Jeep transfer cases to rebuild.Contact us directly for these kits.

Input Gears and Compatibility

The NP207 features 21 and 23 spline input gears. These protrude at least 2.3" from the front face of the transfer case, and in some adaptation situations, may need to be shortened in a saw or hard-turned/parted off to the more standard 2.1" stickout.


Strength of the 207 is still debated. It features a wider chain than the regular 231 (though the 231 can be converted to a 207 style chain) but the 207 has less overall planetary gear tooth mesh than a 231. The 207 had straight-cut instead of helically cut gears in its planetary assembly.

The 207 is a medium duty transfer case. It was generally offered behind engines and transmissions in Jeeps that were more likely to be the weak links in the powertrain. The 207 is probably not well suited for wilder V8 power or more ambitious off-roading.

Speedometer Gears

NP207 speedometer gears are interchangeable to correct for tire size and axle ratio changes. See this page to learn more about this.