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The Novak Guide to the

New Process Model 200 Transfer Case

The NP200 is a divorced style transfer case, utilizing a jack shaft between a 2wd style transmission and the transfer case input yoke. The NP200 has a low-range of 1.97:1 and is direct drive in high. The NP200 is installed as a passenger's side drop in the M715 / M725 military Jeeps, exclusively with theĀ T98 four-speed transmission.

The NP200 was found in other military vehicles, such as the M37 beginning in 1946. The NP200 variants are the NP201 and NP202, which are similar, but feature PTO ports. The well-known NP205 transfer case, that was available in many civilian trucks beginning in 1969, is an outgrowth of the NP200.

The New Process 200 transfer case was Jeep's first use of a non-Dana Spicer transfer case.

The NP200 is readily rebuildable and all consumable parts remain available.