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Installing Ford Windsor V8 Engines




Ford Small Block power is pretty cool. They are not as prevalent as GM swaps, but have their place with the right enthusiasts.

A couple of points concerning Ford swaps:

  • Ford engines are narrower, but also longer than GM V8's. This makes their conversions into Jeeps with the short from clips (1945-1971 CJ's) difficult
  • Ford engines can be installed into a variety of Jeep platforms, given the universal design of our Ford mounts
  • Automatic transmission adapter support for Ford V8's is not good. Frequent changes in a handful of Ford transmissions made it a moving target for the aftermarket
  • Ford truck manual transmission coverage for Jeep swaps is excellent, with the Ford T18, T19 and NP435 being supported
  • your 1976-1986 Jeep may have the T150, T176 or CJ T18, which can adapt directly to Ford bellhousings with minimal work
  • The advent of adapters for the Jeep AX15 for the Ford V8 has really opened up a great option for CJ7 and longer Jeeps that can fit them

If you keep these ideas in mind, you may be able to make your Ford swap a success.

These following articles have evolved from original versions written and updated since the late 1960's.

This gateway will guide you to information about the Ford Engine upgrade you may be planning or considering:

Early CJ & Military Universals, 1946-1971

cj3b_slide5Includes the:

CJ Universals, 1972-1986

cj7_slideComprising the:

YJ Wranglers, 1987-1995

yj_sahara_slideThe YJ is accomodating to Ford power, especially given their adaptability to the AX15 as found in many models of the YJ Wrangler.

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