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Installing Ford Windsor V8 Engines




Trends with Jeeps come and go, but engine swapping is the steadily rising constant, and today, conversions in Jeeps are done more often than in the hot-rod glory days of decades past... and these conversions are done cleanly and with greater success than ever before.

The one statement we hear most from customers goes something like this: "My engine conversion was the most significant/satisfying/benificial upgrade that I have made to my Jeep."

And so it is.

These following articles have evolved from original versions written in the late 1960's, and then continuously updated.

This gateway will guide you to information about the Ford Engine upgrade you may be planning or considering:


Early CJ & Military Universals, 1946-1971

cj3b_slide5Includes the:


 CJ Universals, 1972-1986

cj7_slideComprising the:


YJ Wranglers, 1987-1995

yj_sahara_slideThe YJ is very popular and accomodating to Ford power.

Read on...


TJ / LJ Wranglers, 1997-2006

tj_rubicon_slideWe've not yet written an article on this conversion, but expect to do so. The principles will not be very different than a Ford to YJ conversion.


XJ Cherokee / MJ Commanche, 1984-2001

xj_cherokee_slideWe've learned that a Ford V8 fits into an XJ better than we were originally thinking. We hope that an article will be forthcoming on this.


FSJ Jeeps, 1962-1991

wagoneer_slideThese are very easy conversions. We recommend you contact us about this topic and we can help you plan.


Kaiser Military Trucks, 1966-1971

m715_slideThe Kings of the Jeeps, and very open to some serious repowering. They include the:

  • M715
  • M725
  • M726

Ford power into these trucks is a simple thing. Contact us directly for parts and strategies.


Jeepster Commandos, 1966-1973

c101_slideBased closely on the CJ6, these Jeeps have swank and style, but many of them need some motivation.

  • C101, 1966-1971
  • C104, 1972-1973

The Ford V8 installs easily into these Jeeps, especially when using Ford T18, T19 and NP435 transmissions. We expect a more detailed article to be available.