Parts for the

Jeep T176 Transmission

The T17x series transmissions as found in Jeeps are easily rebuilt and nearly all parts remain available for them.




Our master rebuild kit has been assembled for our customer's rebuilds as well as our own. It is the most complete kit we've seen anywhere and features all the consumable and wear item components.

The kit is compatible with nearly all years (1980-1987) of the T17x transmissions, from all models, including CJ and FSJ vehicles.

Rebuild Requirements

It is very common for our customers to do top-level rebuild work, using good methods and by following our included instruction guide.

We suggest the rebuilder have access to a set of snap ring pliers, a bearing puller and a hydraulic press.

Related Products

Essentially all parts for the T17x, including gears, shafts, factory adapters & tailhousings, retainers, etc. are available new and affordably so. For any part not shown here, contact us.