Parts for the

SM465 Transmission

The SM465 is arguably one of the greatest four-speed transmissions ever built, and reconditioning one is a worthwhile project.

The Kit

SM465 Transmission Rebuild Kit

Our master rebuild kit has been assembled for our customer's rebuilds as well as our own. It is the most complete kit we've seen anywhere and features all the consumable and wear item components for both the main case and top cover shift rails.

Our kit standardizes the SM465 thrust washer and endplay and we recommend that you use the supplied shaft bushings with the supplied thrust washer for simplicity.

There are two versions of our rebuild kit, each compatible with all 2wd, 4wd and conversion 465's:

  • The first and most common kit is for 1968-1987 versions. Next are the 1988-1991 versions with the narrower .68" front bearing.
  • The last kit is for the 1988-1991 version - typically with the aluminum top cover - with the wider .83" front bearing. The only way to know this version is to remove the front bearing retainer and check for a #211 bearing or to remove it and measure its width.
  • Kit 465MR-1, master rebuild, SM465 transmissions, 1968-1987 versions

  • Kit 465MR-2, master rebuild, SM465 transmission, 1988-1991 with wide front bearing

Rebuild Requirements

It is common for our customers to do top-level rebuild work, using good methods and by following our included instruction guide.

We suggest the rebuilder have access to a set of snap ring pliers, a bearing puller and a hydraulic press.

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Other Components

Essentially all parts for the SM465, including gears, shafts, factory adapters & tailhousings, retainers, etc. are available new and affordably so. Our parts ordering module is provided below. For anything not shown, contact us.


For your reference, all asterixed * items below are included in our master rebuild kit, above.

Items indicated with a "" are not available singly, but are included in the Small Parts Kit, #A below.

A. Kit, small parts *
B. Kit, mainshaft journal bushings *
1. Retainer, bearing, front input
2. Gasket, front input bearing retainer *
3. Seal, front input *
4. Ring, retaining, front input shaft to bearing *‡
5. Ring, retaining, front input bearing to case *‡
6. Bearing, front input *
7. Shield or slinger, front input *‡
8. Shaft, front input (aka, input gear or clutch shaft)
9. Ring, clip, input shaft to mainshaft pilot rollers *‡
10. Bearings, needle rollers *‡
11. Ring, synchronizer, 3rd to 4th gear *
12. Slider, clutch, 3rd / 4th gear
13. Ring, clip, input shaft to mainshaft pilot rollers *‡
14. Spring, synchronizer hub, 3rd / 4th *
15. Hub, synchronizer, 3rd / 4th
16. Spring, synchronizer hub, 3rd / 4th *
17. Keys, synchronizer hub, 3rd / 4th *
18. Assembly, syncrhonizer hub, 3rd / 4th
19. Ring, synchronizer, 3rd to 4th gear *
20. Gear, 3rd
21. Bushing, mainshaft journal, 3rd gear *
22. Washer, thrust *‡
23. Gear, 2nd
24. Ring, synchronizer, 2nd to 3rd gear *
25. Bushing, mainshaft journal, 2nd gear *
26. Shaft, main
27. Spring, synchronizer hub, 1st / 2nd *
28. Hub, synchronizer, 1st / 2nd
29. Spring, synchronizer hub, 1st / 2nd *
30. Gear, reverse, sliding clutch
31. Keys, synchronizer hub, 1st / 2nd *
32. Assembly, synchronizer, 1st / 2nd
33. Bushing, mainshaft journal, 1st gear *
34. Pins, 1st gear
35. Gear, 1st
36. Washer, thrust, improved aftermarket version*‡
37. Bearing, rear output *
38. Ring, retaining, rear output bearing to case
39. Ring, retaining, mainshaft to rear output bearing*‡
40. Bearing, roller, countershaft front *
41. Ring, retaining, countershaft front bearing *‡
42. Washer, spacer, countershaft front
43. Gear, countershaft drive
44. Washer, countershaft spacing *‡
45. Ring, retaining, countershaft spacing *‡
46. Ring, retaining, countershaft spacing *‡
47. Spacer, countershaft (later design, replaces #'s 44-46) *
48. Gear, countershaft, third
49. Shaft, counter
Currently unavailable
50. Bearing, ball roller, countershaft rear *
51. Ring, retaining, countershaft rear bearing to case
52. Ring, retaining, countershaft rear bearing to shaft *‡
53. Gear, reverse idler, includes bushing
54. Shaft, reverse idler
55. Cover, PTO port
56. Gasket, PTO port cover *
57. Screw, countershaft front bearing cover plate
58. Plate, countershaft front bearing cover
59. Gasket, countershaft front bearing cover *
60. Plug, drain
61. Plug, filler
62. Gasket, top cover *
63. Gasket, rear tailhousing to case *
64. Bolt, PTO cover plate
65. Seal, oil, 2wd style *

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