Complete AX15 Transmission Package

The AX15 has become a premier five-speed transmission choice for Jeep powertrain upgrades and conversions.

Product & Features


This new AX15 transmission features every available update and upgrade known, including a stronger gear alloy and refined shifter components.

This AX15 is the later style, 1994-1999 configuration which features the cast iron front bearing retainer with a throwout bearing sleeve for the bellhousings that are configured for an external slave clutch release system. The shaft also features the ~3/4" pilot tip. Pilot bushings may be found here.

Novak's AX15 comes with a new, straight shifter stick, ready to bend to driver preference, and grey anodized aluminum shifter knob.

Applications & Compatibility

Transfer Case Adaptability

Your AX15 can be ordered ready to join (or joined) to the following Jeep transfer cases:

Let us know if you are installing your new AX15 into an XJ or MJ vehicle so we can provide you with a tailhousing that is drilled for the appropriate 10 deg. down-clocked position required to clear the taller transmission tunnels in these Jeeps.

We can do a full rebuild of your transfer case if you ship it to us. Many transfer case upgrades components are available. It will be pre-installed to the transmission and ready to install in your Jeep.

*Though the AX15 can be joined to the Dana 18 & 20 transfer cases, the short wheelbase Jeeps they are typically found in are generally too short. The longer CJ6, CJ7 and CJ8 Jeeps are, however, potential candidates.

Engine Compatibility

The AX15 is adaptable to GM, Ford and AMC applications. Engine adapters are available and can be pre-installed to your AX15 as part of the package deal.

We can also integrate your AX15 into a full Turnkey Powertrain Package with engine, transmission, transfer case and controls all assembled, tested and ready to install in your vehicle.

Installation Requirements


Your AX15 package will arrive palleted and ready to bolt into your application. A business location with unloading is preferred as shipping rates are less.

How to Order

Because of the many variations involved, we encourage you to contact us directly by phone or e-mail. We will help you put together your transmission to best fit your requirements.

Related Products

AX15 Transmission Throwout Bearing Retainer

AX15 input bearing retainer

This is a factory new retainer from Aisin, as pulled from brand new AX15 transmissions.

  • 1994-1999 style for the improved external slave cylinder style bellhousing
  • Frequently installed by individuals wanting to ditch the problematic concentric internal throwout (release) bearing of the earlier 1988-1993 Jeep AX15's
  • Factory new from Aisin; not a reproduction
  • Pulled from AX15's that are adapted to GM, Ford and other applications
  • New input shaft oil seal is installed, lubed and ready
  • Installer should use recommended RTV sealant and proper mechanical practices when assembling
  • Frequently ships the following if not the same day as your order