Complete 4L80E Transmission Package

4L80 Turn Key Transmission rear view

The 4L80E is one of our preferred automatic builds here at Novak. We've brought many through our shop and we really enjoy building them. The 4L80E was the heavier duty overdrive automatic found in the C / K Chevy and GM trucks and SUV's through the 1990's up past 2009. They now constitute one of the oft-requested transmissions for Jeeps that have the length to accomodate them.


Featuring a good first gear of 2.48:1 and a terrific overdrive (.70:1), the 4L80E meets Jeep owners with the strength of a TH400, but with overdrive. It's capable of low-range crawling to high-speed freeway trips to the trailhead.

The 4L80E is built on the heritage of the TH400, and shares many qualities with its predecessor. Every Novak 4L80E build starts with a select core transmission. It gets carefully disassembled and is deep-cleaned and inspected before assembly. We then replace any questionable components with factory or better replacements and upgrades, depending on the customer's chosen build level. New clutches, seals, frictions, bushings, bearings, and gaskets are assembled to specs that exceed later model years' OEM V8 levels.

LubeGuard additive is included for longevity and shift quality and each package includes the new dipstick and tube.

One great advantage is that we can install the appropriate Novak transfer case adapter and output shaft during the build. This saves you having to open up the transmission to install the output shaft or paying to have it done. That along with our package discounted price, it saves you time, money and potential problems. Transmission to engine adapters (if necessary) are available and in addition to the pricing as listed below. Please inquire.

Applications & Compatibility

Factory Style Build vs. Adapted Build

4L80E, adapted

Our factory style builds are OEM style replacement transmissions using the applicable GM output shaft, and appropriate adapter or tailhousing.

Adapted builds are designed primarily for installation into Jeep vehicles and include the installed aftermarket Novak output shaft, adapter kit and urethane crossmember rear mount, as indicated for the customer's scenario.

Transfer Case Adaptability

Your 4L80E can be ordered ready to join (or joined) to the following Jeep transfer cases:

We can do a full rebuild of your transfer case if you ship it to us (we can arrange logistics) or provide one from our large collection. Many upgrades components are available. It will be pre-installed to the transmission and ready to install in your Jeep.

4L80E with adapter

All pricing below includes a standard stall torque converter up to 2000 stall. Higher stall units are available for an additional charge.

Level I, $3090. ($3630., adapted)

Our "Stock Plus" transmission that meets or exceeds the factory original version integrating key improvements over the originals. Recommended for engines up to 425 HP and 425 ft. lbs. torque. All components upgraded to late model V8 specs including and additionally:

  • New bushings
  • New sprags and roller clutches (3)
  • New solenoids
  • New thrust washers
  • Install reluctor ring on rear planet for VSS
  • New VSS sensors
  • Quality filter
  • Hi-Energy frictions
  • New bands
  • Hi-Per Blue bonded pistions
  • TransGo shift kit
  • New dipstick
  • OEM dust cover
  • Drain plug installed in pan
  • Converter bolts

Level II, $3490. ($4030., adapted)
Our Level II features all the above improvements, and takes it further for even better longevity and more power handling capability for engines up to 500 HP and 500 ft. lbs. torque, including:

  • High performance, furnace brazed torque converter
  • All of above
  • Sonnax "No walk" case bushing
  • Sonnax wide stator support bushing
  • Alto Red Eagle frictions
  • Kevlar front band

Level III, $4090. ($4,630., adapted)
Our "all out" transmission includes many additional subtle improvements. Time consuming steps are taken to assure maximum strength and life including minimizing clearances and other blueprinting steps. We can customize this transmission even further for specific needs including full manual control, trans. brakes, race spec converters, Kolene steels, harder race spec shifts, etc. For level III transmissions we prefer to talk with you to make sure that you get the best transmission for your application as these units can get highly specialized. Recommended for engines above 500 HP and 500 ft. lbs of torque. Includes all features of Level II, plus the following:

  • Sonnax "No walk" case bushing
  • Sonnax wide stator support bushing
  • Raybestos Blue Plate frictions
  • TransGo Reprograming kit
  • Sonnax harness retaining bracket
  • High performance, furnace brazed torque converter with stall choices of 1400-1600 (best for Jeeps with power bias in the lower revs) or 1800-2200 (best for mildly modified engines with RV cams, etc) or 2200-2600 (performance torque converters for race-oreinted or more radical cam timing.). Choose your stall speed to closely match where your engine's torque curve starts.
4L80E cooler lines

Compatible Engines

A 4L80E installation is typically done in conjunction with a Generation III+ GM engine conversion into the Jeep. These engines include the Chevrolet V8, from 1996-2010+. Though Gen. III installs are much more prevalent, Gen II and Gen I motors installations are possible but will require the use of a separate transmission computer controller which may add significantly to the expense of the total installation. For these scenarios, we recommend the 700R4 instead, which is essentially self-controlling.

We can also integrate your 4L80E into a full TurnKey powertrain package with engine, transmission, transfer case and controls all assembled, tested and ready to install in your vehicle.

4L80E overhead view


4L60E, rear passenger view

Your transmission package is palleted, wrapped, fully insured and ready to bolt into your application. Novak will seek the best competitive shipping rates with our extensive trucking networks. It will arrive at a location of your choosing, though we strongly recommend a business location with a dock / forklift for delivery, as residential and liftgate fees can add up to an extra $100. per delivery.


This transmission is not covered under our standard warranty if it is controlled by any Holley controller.

How to Order

Because of the many variations involved, we encourage you to contact us directly by phone or e-mail. We will help you put together your transmission to best fit your requirements.