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Dana Model 300 Transfer Case

The Jeep & IH Dana Spicer 300 is surely one of the most respected gear drive transfer cases of all time. Professional level repair, assembly and upgrade work is possible for the conscientious shade tree builder.

In addition to our master rebuild kits, we offer nearly all parts at the component level, as well as several upgrade part options.

These kits fit all Jeep Dana 300 Transfer cases and most IH Dana 300 transfer cases.

The Master Rebuild Kit

Our master rebuild kit has been assembled for our customer's rebuilds as well as our own. It is the most complete kit we've seen anywhere and features all bearings, seals, gaskets, O-rings, fork inserts, output yoke nuts & washers, shims & small parts - everything required to bring your 300 to peak strength and tune. We use only premium (Timken®, BCA®, Nachi®, Torrington® and Koyo®) bearings. Our exclusive intermediate shafts are made at Novak from a triple-alloy gear steel and case-hardened to exceptional hardness and are the strongest and hardest shafts available. They also feature o-ring grooves at both ends, assuring a better seal than factory; extra o-rings are also included, as is our comprehensive rebuild guide.

Dana 300 master rebuild kit

There are three master rebuild kits available; one for each of the three versions of the Model 300. If you're unsure of whether you've got the 1980, short output style 300, or the 1981- , long output style 300, read our Knowledge Base article, here.

  • Kit 300MR-1, master rebuild, Dana Model 300 transfer case, 1980 (short output) version

  • Kit 300MR-2, master rebuild, Dana Model 300 transfer case, 1981-1986 (long output)

  • Kit 300MR-IH, master rebuild, Dana Model 300 transfer case, 1980 IH Scout

The Intermediate Shaft Kits

This kit is a reduced version of our master kits. It contains the specially hardened intermediate shaft, O-rings, thrust washers, bearings and snap ring.

Kit TCL, intermediate shaft, Dana 1-1/4” transfer cases

Dana 300 Billet Bottom Cover Pans

These anodized billet aluminum bottom pans solves a few Dana transfer case dilemmas:

  • Thick, machined mating flange replaces the dimpled, warped sheet metal original
  • Drip free sealing surface with the use of RTV or RTV + gasket
  • Increased fluid capacity by 16 oz (deep version only)
  • Adds rigidity to the structure of the transfer case
  • Superior heat shedding

Included are the stainless socket head button cap screws, drain plug and sealing washer. Read the review at


Kit D328-D, billet aluminum bottom cover pan, Dana transfer cases, deep version

Kit D328-S, billet aluminum bottom cover pan, Dana transfer cases, shallow version

Dana 300 Gaskets & Seals Set

Dana 300 gasket and seal kit

There's not a better gaskets and seals kit available. The pan gasket itself (otherwise the most prone to leaking) is cut from a rubber-cork compound.

Kit GS300, gaskets, seals, and shim pack for the Model 300 transfer case

Dana 300 Front Output Rear Bearing Cap

Dana 300 Bearing End Cap

The Novak Dana 300 front output rear bearing caps were designed as an upgrade to eliminate any gear oil leaking from this location. The factory bearing/shim cover is one of the few notorious locations a leak can be found on the Dana 300 case. This is due to the shims being placed between the case & the cap, with only a copper spray-gasket applied to the shims to seal the cover. The Novak shim/bearing cover utilizes a three tier O-ring setup to seal the case from leaking; two O-rings per bolt, one inside & one outside the cover, as well as one larger O-ring following the hole path inside the cap. This triple O-ring design is sure to eliminate your likely present oil leak at the bearing/shim cover. Installation of these kits is quite simple, especially with the help of the included detailed instructions.

8131657-K, Dana 300 front output rear bearing billet cap kit

Dana 300 Ultra-Short HD Rear Output Assembly

Dana 300 Output Shaft

Novak's 300RX rear output shaft and housing assembly. More details here....

Installation Requirements

It is very common for our customers to do top-level rebuild work, using good methods and by following our included instruction guide. We suggest the rebuilder have access to a set of snap ring pliers, and a small arbor press, in addition to standard shop tools.

Turn Key, Fully Rebuilt Transfer Case

Dana Model 300 Transfer Case

Our Dana 300 is professionally and meticulously rebuilt. We use the best components, including bearings, bushings, seals and gaskets built by our Dana 300 specialists and experts. All known updates and improvements are performed. Put the experience of thousands of Dana transfer case rebuilds to work for your Jeep.

Because of the variations involved and shipping options available, we encourage you to contact us directly by phone or e-mail. We will help you put together the transfer case which best fits your requirements.

Note that we can supply a core Dana 300 or we can arrange to have yours sent in with a core credit of $400. Transfer cases are built to order and typically take 1-3 weeks to ship. Contact us for current build times. Costs range from $1,667. to $1,795. depending on your configuration, shifters, etc.


your transfer case package is palleted and wrapped (if trucking is required) or packaged in a double-wall box (if by parcel), fully insured and ready to bolt into your application. Novak will seek the best competitive shipping rates with our extensive trucking networks. It will arrive at a location of your choosing, though we strongly recommend a business location with a dock / forklift for delivery (if trucking), as residential and liftgate fees can add up to an extra $100. per delivery.

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