The Novak

#SK2X Shifter Assembly

for the

Jeep Models 231, 207 and 242 Transfer Cases

Novak SK2X direct linkage shifter kit for Jeep transfer cases

Kit, SK2X shifter assembly for New Process 231, 207, & 242 transfer cases

Kit contents:

  • Adapter housing
  • Transfer case anchor bracket
  • Shifter stick / cane
  • Pivot bracket
  • Bellcrank
  • Bearing ends
  • Fastening hardware
  • Instructions

Jeep people know that between the Jeep driver's right hand and the core shifting mechanism at the NP / NVG (New Process and later New Venture Gear) transfer case is an overly complex linkage maze that increases shifting friction, mixes up clean leveraging and can even pop the transfer case out of gear in certain flex situations.

This popular direct linkage kit from Novak is the shifter of choice for YJ Wranglers, first developed for powertrain conversion situations, but quickly adopted to solve the problems seen by stock Jeep linkages as well.

For YJ Wranglers and other Jeeps without the necessary interior shifter handle to run a cable shifter, our #SK2X shifter replaces everything from the shift plate at the transfer case, right up to the shifter knob in the driver's hand.

While this kit is compatible with XJ, MJ TJ & LJ Jeeps, we generally recommend our cable shifters for Standard TJ / LJ Wranglers, and for Rubicon TJ / LJ Wranglers.

Constructed from 3/16" steel. Parts are zinc plated in black (earlier yellow zinc version shown) for superior corrosion resistance.

Benefits at a Glance:

  • Restore and improve shifting action in Jeeps with suspension and especially body lifts
  • Provide a clean shifting mechanism for conversion transmissions (manual or automatic) being adapted to the Jeep transfer cases
  • Create a crisp shifting feel and a more positive sense control to the driver of the Jeep
  • Eliminate shifter kick-outs and resulting transfer case damage by replacing problematic factory linkages
  • The shift pattern is not reversed from factory when installed, i.e. 2-Hi, front most, 4-Lo, rearmost
  • Fully compatible with modified "2-Low" NP231's
  • Allows a welcomed simplicity due to the design offered by New Process, in that the rotating action of the detent shift plate of the transfer case can be felt and works in a clean, smooth manner once freed from the complex OEM linkages between the driver and the transfer case itself
  • If your transfer case problem is caused by the shifter, this will fix it. If not, it is likely due to internal wear or a broken part. See the links below for rebuild kits and parts

The transmission shown is the GM 4L60-E as adapted to the Jeep NP231. All conversion transmissions using Novak adapters are compatible with the SK2X, including some other adapter brands.

Applications & Compatibility

Compatible Jeeps

The SK2X fits pretty much anything with the listed transfer cases. This kit should work with almost any modification from a full engine/transmission conversion to a tummy tuck with long arms, or just a simple replacement for the poor stock linkage.

Compatible Transmissions

As the transfer case bracket attaches to two of the mounting locations for the transfer case itself and is independent of the transmission, it will fit nearly all transmission applications. There is a large amount of adjustability in this shifter in all directions.

Compatible Transfer Case

This shifter fits all Jeep 6 bolt pattern NP/NVG (New Process/New Venture Gear) transfer cases including 207, 231, 242, 249 and similar (1988 up) EXCEPT for the 241OR. Most Dodge and the 242AMG transfer cases share the same pattern and should also work with this kit. This kit will not work with Chevy/GM 5 or 6 bolt transfer cases. See the links below for other cable shifter kits to meet your needs.

Available Knobs

Your shifter will require a knob with 3/8-24 fine thread. We have two basic shapes and multiple engraving patterns. Choose the style that best meets your needs and preferences. Engraving will either be plain or the correct pattern for your particular transfer case.

Series I Knob

SK2X shifter knob

Knob, shifter, Series I style, cylindrical

This aluminum shifter knob features a more cylindrical shape, and is anodized in gun metal gray, then laser engraved with your choice of lettering. Threads are 3/8"-24 and a jam nut is included.

StriaShift Knob

SK2X shifter knob

Knob, shifter, StriaShift style, #K101

This aluminum shifter knob features a bulb shape, and is anodized in gun metal gray, then laser engraved with your choice of lettering. Threads are 3/8"-24 and a jam nut is included.

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Installation Requirements


The bender rod as installed, showing an example configuration.

Normal hand tools along with a torch are usually all that’s required to install the shifter kit. Detailed instructions are included and may be viewed here.

Included with the #SK2X kit is an easily bendable, mock-up shift cane, allowing the installer to mold and bend it by hand to the proper shape to configure the installation prior to bending the actual steel shift cane. This dummy rod is inserted into the shifter bracket and then formed in any angle required to place the top of the shifter into the Jeep. Once satisfied with the shape and geometry, the rod is removed and can then be used as a template for the bends in the real rod. If the installer is uncomfortable with the bending process, the dummy rod can be taken to a fabricator as the blueprint.

Novak's SK2X kit has been designed for a variety of Jeeps and their gearbox options. It was a primary goal to make its installation as simple as possible. However, the installer will require some mechanical ability, an understanding of the principles of leverage, and the skill and facility to bend the shifter cane (typically using heat) to suit the particular Jeep's need.

If you are uncomfortable with such work, we recommend the services of a skilled mechanic.


Our goal at Novak was to simplify the shifting mechanism. Initially this was done for our many customers performing engine and transmission conversions where the transmission was moved or replaced rendering the stock linkage points unusable. The solution proved to be much more universal and applies this same superior shifting action to the many running stock powertrain owners unhappy with the existing sloppy shifting action. There are many situations where even the slightest bind on your Jeep causes the complex stock linkage apparatus to pop the transfer case out of its range or mode unexpectedly. Our assembly eliminates the excess play and binding that occurs in the factory linkages, whether caused by wear, modification or simple flex when on the trail or rocks.

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