Chevrolet Generation I & II V6 & V8

Universal Legacy Series Engine Mounts


Jeeps & Other Vehicles

These mounts are one of our options for installing Chevy SBC V6's & V8's into Jeeps.

Novak engine mounts have been among our flagship products for over 50 years. Note that this mount design, while still popular, has been superceded by Novak's MMX mount system. Consider which option will serve your project best.

Small Block Chevy Engine Mounts for Jeeps

Kit MM29, engine mounts, Chevy Generation I & II V6 & V8 to Jeeps

Kit contents:

  • Frame platform sets
  • Frame anchor bracket
  • Upper urethane bushings
  • Lower urethane bushings
  • Engine block plates
  • Fastening hardware
  • Instructions

Ease of Installation

These mounts are weld-in style and detailed instructions will guide to an ideal installation.


The Novak mounts feature thick 3/16” laser cut and CNC bent steel construction. After years of real world testing, these mounts have shown to handle even the wildest V8s.

Vibration Isolation

Each mount kit comes with our high-grade urethane isolators that are specified for that ideal balance of isolation and firmness with the power of modern engines. Substantial 5/8” through bolts capture the assembly. Replacement bushing sets are available below should replacement ever be needed.


Geometry of the mounts is compact to provide clearance for stock frame components and the recommended exhaust headers below.


The design on these mounts allows outstanding placement freedom in most any vehicle that meets the width requirements and has parallel frame channels. They have a large adjustment range for placement in the vertical, left-right offset and longitudinal directions.

Engine Mount Finish

All parts are ready to accept the coating of your choice which allows matching the brackets and adjacent frame area in paint, powder coat or other finish.

Applications & Compatibility

Compatible Jeeps

#MM29 mounts fit Jeep models including:

  • All CJ models
  • FC Series
  • Commando Models
  • Utility Trucks & Wagons
  • YJ Wrangler
  • FSJ Trucks, Wagoneers and Cherokees
  • Other vehicles with parallel frame rails and an inside to inside frame width of 25”-29”

Compatible Engines

  • Chevrolet Small Block V8, Generation I-II, 1955-1998+ (265-400, etc.)
  • Chevrolet Small Block V6, Generation I-III, 1978-2007+ (200-262, 4.3L, etc.)*
  • Chevrolet Big Block V8, 1965-2007+ (409-454, 7.4L, 8.1L, etc.) **
  • Chevrolet I6 1962-1988 (250, 292) (if factory "V" brackets are installed on the block) ***
  • Chevrolet Diesel V8 (6.2L, 1982-1993. 6.5L, 1992-1999)

Engine Caveats

LT1: These mounts are not compatible with the LT1 engine. We recommend our #MMX series mounts for these engines.

Vortec V6's: Low-hood Jeeps really don't have the clearance needed for tall Vortec V6 intake manifolds unless a 3/4" - 1" body lift is installed and air intake modifications are done. Otherwise, the Buick V6 can be considered here.

Big Block engines are a real kick, but rarely appropriate for smaller Jeeps this side of the CJ7 & CJ8.

Chevrolet I6's are long and not a good fit for any short-hood Jeeps. They fit only in 1972-1986 CJ's. V6 / V8 swaps are far more common, but the Chevy I6 is an option for those who are into them.

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Installation Requirements

Old Mount Removal

Unbolting or cutting is required to remove the factory frame mounts for factory Jeep engines. This process will vary from model to model. You will want to completely remove and smooth the surface of your frame rails for a nice fitment of the new engine mount channels to your frame.

Engine placement in these Jeeps should consider the following points:

  • Left-right offset location is similar to factory at ~1-1/4" to the driver's side
  • Avoid installing the engine too low (axle clearance and other issues)
  • Avoid installing the engine too high (transmission tunnel interference, etc.)
  • Set your engine to 4-7 degrees of tilt rearwards, like the factory engine & powertrain
  • It is usually best that Chevy and Gen III+ V8 engines install approximately 3" further forward, using the back of the engine block face as the datum
  • When mocking up your engine installation location, pay special attention to radiator and fan clearance.
  • Firewall modifications are not expected.
YJ Wrangler with 4.3L LU3 Engine in Frame

A Chevy V6 in a YJ frame; a great demonstration of ground-up craftsmanship. Behind it is a classic Chevy bellhousing and an AX15 transmission and NP231 transfer case combination.


Driveshaft length changes may be required. Chevy engines (with their rear distributors) can install around 3" further forward than AMC engines (using the back face of the block as the datum point) for exhaust clearance, firewall access, etc.

Some installers, concerned about the expense of new or modified driveshafts, attempt to let the existing driveshafts dictate engine, transmission and transfer case location, often to the detriment of the project. Our recommendation is to prioritize the correct position of drivetrain components over saving a few dollars which is usually regretted in the long run with compromised positioning.

Jeeps that require extensive travel or specialty-built driveshafts have this option available through several fabricators across the nation. These are normally specified after placement of the new transmission and measured at vehicle ride height. As the rear driveline gets shorter, it is often advantageous to us a Double Cardan or “CV style” rear shaft with the correct geometry at the axle to minimize vibrations and possible binding.


Use of factory axles is completely acceptable with this conversion. Axle upgrades are not necessary, but they may be chosen for reasons external to this transmission upgrade.

Applicable Engine Swap Guides

Predetermined Bolt-In Mounts vs. Novak #MM29's

We at Novak receive many compliments on our engine mounts. Many customers find that it is liberating to install their engine where they determine is the best place.

Bolt-in mounts have their place, but a complaint we receive about other companies' predetermined bolt-in mounts is the lack of freedom in placement for the varying situations each installer encounters with their Jeep. Installing an engine based on what may have been a decent location for the manufacturer's design project often presents restrictions not present with a pair of our mounts. They offer the installer more options.

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Jeep frame brackets for engine

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Jeep frame brackets for engines

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Engine frame bracket, cross section view

Cross section view.