Mounts for
Conversion Engines in Jeeps

Engine Mounts for Jeeps

We've combined five decades of Jeep engine mount design and fabrication experience into our #MMX Series motor mounts for conversion engines. We asked ourselves if it could be possible to build a set of mounts that were:

  • Strong. Brutally strong
  • Seriously adjustable, even after their initial installation (except XJ & TJ bolt-in versions)
  • Compact, to clear steering, exhaust and other components
  • Easy to install and requiring a minimum of tools
  • Affordable
  • Balanced isolation
  • Corrosion resistant (most versions)

Select your Jeep's new engine:

Chevy Small Block V8, Gen I-II, 1955-1998+

(265-400, LT1)

Chevy Small Block V6, Gen I-III, 1978-2007+

(200-262, 4.3L)

GM Gen III+ V8, 1997-2007+

(LSx, Vortec, etc.)

Chevy Big Block V8, 1965-2008+ & GM Diesel V8, 1982-1999

Buick 90 Degree V6 & V8, 1965-1986

(225-252, 350, etc.)

Ford Windsor Small Block V8, 1964-1996

(289-351, 5.0L-5.7L)

Chevrolet I6, 1962-1990 (194-292)

Mopar / Dodge V8, 1966-2003


AMC V8, 1971-1991