Adapting the

T90 Transmission

to the

Dana Model 20 Transfer Case

T90 4" bearing adapter

Kit 90-20, adapting Jeep T90 transmissions to large bore Dana 18 & 20 transfer cases

This bearing adapter assembly will allow your T90 transmission to accept the large bore Super 18 or Dana 20 transfer case at the proper depth and centered. This bearing assembly will replace the flat style factory retainer in the T90.

Installation does not require full disassembly of the T90. However, some versions of the Dana 20 do not have recesses cast into their front face, and these will need to be milled for clearance for the T90's reverse idler shaft.

Any Jeep T90 transmissions mating to a large bore Dana 18 or Dana 20 is compatible.

Included are the 4” bore retainer, proper large bore gasket, bearing, and retaining ring.

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