Adapting the

Ford 2000 & 2300 I4 Engines

to the

Jeep T90 Transmission

Jeep Adapter kit to GM Bellhousings

Kit PC2, adapting the Ford 1800-2300 I4 to the Jeep T90A

This adapter assembly joins the T90 three-speed transmission to the Ford 2000 & 2300 four-cylinder 'Lima' engine. This kit facilitates this popular engine conversion into 1946-1971 Jeeps.

Novak's #PC2 adapter is precision machined from aluminum alloy, and is 1/2" thick, featuring an integrated bearing retainer. Included are the GM bellhousing locator / throwout sleeve, seal and hardware. The total adapted length of the T90 with this adapter is 9-1/2".

The adapter installs onto these transmissions with no change of input gear or other transmission internals if you have a T90 -A or -C version. T90J will require the shorter T90A input shaft. See Related Products, below. Cutting the transmission input shaft is not required as the adapter spaces the transmission properly for the Ford crank and clutch assembly. A new pilot bushing is required and provided for this assembly.

Kit Contents

The PC2 kit contains billet aluminum/steel adapter, seal, necessary adapter pilot bushing and hardware.

Applications & Compatibility

Compatible Transmissions

This kit is for the T90A and T90C transmissions. The PC2 will also work with a T90J transmission that has the T90A input shaft (available below) installed. Helpful identification links are below if you are unsure of your T90 version.

Compatible Engines

This conversion kit will work with Ford Pinto, Capri, Mustang II, Thunderbird, Ranger and other engines. It requires the use of the "Pinto" style bellhousing, as pictured here. Some of the later versions of these engines (particularly other, later applications than listed above) may vary on the crank dimensions along with some other parts and modifications are necessary to allow the kit to work. We do not have any further details than are on this page and the linked instruction page. If you choose to use one of these engines, fabrication and some custom parts (including the pilot bushing) may be required.

Compatible Bellhousing


The right bellhousing for this conversion is 7" deep and, naturally, fits the Ford engine you've chosen as shown above and in our instruction guide.

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Installation Requirements

The adapter is easily and quickly installed onto the T90. Full disassembly of the transmission is not usually required. However, now is a great time to rebuild, update, and seal up that tired T90 during your installation with the rebuild kit above. Our top quality rebuild kit also updates the sealing of the transmission which can be a bit sketchy in stock T90 versions, especially on hills as they tend to puke oil out the nose which is bad for clutches and the transmission when the oil is not there upon leveling out. It also addresses sealing the rear to the D18 transfer case as early versions can transfer fluid back.


The T90 clutch disc available above will be used with the pressure plate that is native to the engine's flywheel. The Ford style release arm can be drilled for the Jeep's clutch release bellcrank pull cable.

Engines & Engine Mounting

Because the engine mounting bosses can vary on these engines, and because it is relatively easy to adapt the factory frame horns to these motors, the installer will be required to fabricate their own brackets. We can suggest the use of factory style isolator mounts for this process.

More Details

We've published our Guide to Installing Ford OHC 2000cc / 2300cc Engines into Early Jeeps, here, in which we discuss the principles of this swap we've encountered over the many years that this swap has been so popular with our customers.

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Installation Gallery


Customer and Jeep enthusiast Christian Leblanc shows a body-off view installation of a Pinto swap into his early CJ.


Engine mounts are crafted of stock steel angles and custom plates to create the frame horns, then the factory Ford isolator mounts to the block take over from there.

Passenger's side Ford 2300 mounts in Jeep

Closer detail of the engine mount.

Driver's side Pinto Lima engine mounts in a flat fender

Driver's side is similar but much shorter.

Pinto Jeep engine frame mounts

... a closer detail.

Novak Pinto Adapter front view

The Novak adapter, ready for the bellhousing.