Technology & Capabilities


Novak practices high-performance machining. We machine at the upper limits of speed and precision, using advanced technologies, machines, software and cutting tools to create the best parts that can be purchased.

Contract MachiningContract manufacturing summary

Contract Manufacturing & Design

Novak is largely its own customer. However, we accept some technology and expertise-appropriate design or production contract jobs, primarily in the areas of vehicular power transmission. Companies may inquire about this from our contact page. Individuals interested in our methods of making power transmission shafting may read here.


Some of our key machines include:

  • Machining centers, vertical, Hardinge VMC 1000, four-axis, 20" x 20 "x 60"
  • Mill-Turn, six-axis, Hitachi-Seiki CH250 HiCell
  • Turning center, Hitachi Seiki HT25-S, 10" chuck, 3" bore, 3k RPM spindle, 30HP
  • Lathe, Bridgeport EZPath SD
  • Turning center, Cincinnatti Avenger 250
  • Turning center, YCM 2000 MSY
  • Turning center, Doosan Lynx 2100
  • Hobber, gear, Leibherr
  • Shaper, gear, Fellows 10-2
  • Shaper, spline, Bridgeport, CNC
  • Spline mill, Bridgeport, CNC
  • Mill, knee, conventional
  • Lathe, engine, Lyon, conventional
  • Laser cutter Laguna
  • Press brakeAccurpress
  • Waterjet Mitsubishi
  • Oven, heat treatment, Brimstone
  • Tester, hardness
  • Welders, MIG, TIG, etc.Miller
  • Engine machine tools, variousSunnen, KwikWay, Van Norman

Why should customers care how we manufacture, so long as they get their parts?

The prices of steel and aluminum alloys - our primary raw materials - have increased dramatically over the past years. Energy costs are further accellerating this trend. Most businesses are highly apt to pass these costs directly along to customers. Instead of this, we at Novak push ourselves, our processes and our machines further and faster. This cuts the time and therefore the cost of our parts.

As an example, a few years ago, we undertook the redesign of several of our components, including nearly 20 of our adapter designs. The previous versions were great, but we knew of a few ways that these new designs might offer installers more features, including built-in clocking, modular mounting, and speed sensors (where applicable). These adapters were to be even stronger than before, be easier to install, faster to manufacture, and, they were to be no more expensive to the buyer than the previous generation of adapters.

This plan worked. Because of advanced computer modeling methods and agressive execution, we had fully redesigned as much as half of our product line, going from concept to market on all of them simultaneously in less than a year.

The result has been that we have been able to keep the prices for our adapter assemblies at levels near what they were 10 and 15 years ago, wheras other companies have been required to bow down to cost increases at the expense of their customers.


In-house capabilities as follows:

  • Multi-axis CNC milling
  • CNC turning
  • Gear shaping
  • Spline cutting
  • Mechanical engineering & design
  • Manufacturing engineering
  • Pattern making (typ. for non-ferrous foundry)
  • Heat treatment
  • Tool design and creation
  • Part finishing
  • Mechanical assembly
  • Expert transmission / transfer case rebuilding
  • Gearbox dynomometer testing
  • Hardness testing, analysis & metallurgy
  • Welding, MIG & TIG
  • Media blast & vapor hone
  • Bending, press brake
  • Laser cutting
  • Waterjet cutting
  • Sheet metal forming
  • Metals plating
  • Non-ferrous founding