About Novak

Our customers, visitors and vendors should know a few things about Novak Conversions.

Novak is a modern design and manufacturing firm specializing in powertrain conversions for Jeep® vehicles since 1967. Our customers and callers discover quickly that they are talking to technicians, machinists, designers - all Jeep® enthusiasts that strive to assist in the planning and provisioning for more powerful engines, stronger transmissions, improved transfer cases and all details in between.

We are a small collection of individuals that like to make things, and most of all, to make things for Jeeps. We love to create, design, build and fabricate. It is in our blood as much as anything else. This enjoyment towards our work shows. Our craft is of metals, good information and courtesy. We are Jeep mechanical historians, machining experts, mechanical design afficionados and motorheaded enthusiasts.